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What is Flexography Printing Most Commonly Used for?

What is Flexography Printing Most Commonly Used for?

Flexographic printing, also known as flexographic printing, is most commonly used for the high-volume production of packaging materials, particularly on flexible substrates such as plastic and cardboard.

Full Stripping Roll Die Cutting Machine

Las Vegas International Packaging Machinery Exhibition

Las Vegas International Packaging Machinery Exhibition PACK EXPO is sponsored by PMMI American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association, held alternately in Chicago and Las Vegas. It has become the la...

Flexo Printing Machine

The 5 Main Advantages Of Flexo Printing Machine

The flexo printing machine uses fluid ink with strong fluidity.  The ink is transferred from the ink fountain rubber roller and the anilox transfer roller to the graphic part of the printing plate and inke...

Paper Plate Making Machine

The working principle of the paper plate making machine

Laser engraving machine is a carton plate making machine widely used at present, and the product integrates light, machine and electricity. Laser engraving has efficient, fast, accurate and clear automatic...

Paper Box Forming Machine

Industry information of Paper Box forming machine

The paper box forming machine is suitable for making high-end paper boxes such as shoe boxes, shirt boxes, jewelry boxes, gift boxes, etc. The whole production process is automated, and the production effi...

Carton Erecting Machine

The working process of the Carton Erecting Machine

The cartoning machine is a kind of equipment that semi-automatically or automatically packs unpackaged products or small-packaged products into transport packaging. Its working principle is to pack the pro...

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