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What Are the Different Types of Flexo Printing Machines?

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There are many different types of flexo printing machine on the market, each designed for specific applications and requirements.


1. Stacking presses

The most basic type of flexographic printing machine, suitable for printing on film, paper and labels.


2. Central Impression (CI) Printing Press

The printing plate is secured to an anilox roller by a central impression cylinder to transfer ink, typically used for printing on flexible packaging materials.


3. Online printing press

Multiple printing stations are aligned in a straight line, allowing for in-line processes such as coating, lamination, die-cutting and slitting.


4. Wide format web printing press

Designed for printing on larger substrates such as corrugated board, wallpaper and flexible packaging materials.


5. Hybrid printing press

Combining the advantages of flexographic printing with other printing technologies, it allows variable data printing, precise color control and high-quality graphics.


6. Sleeve printing press

The use of flexible printing sleeves instead of traditional plate cylinders is easy to replace and suitable for short to medium printing runs.



Each type of flexo printing machine has its own advantages and may be suitable for specific applications. Machine selection depends on factors such as printing substrate, required print quality, production volume and budget.

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