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CI Flexo Printing Machine
CI Flexo Printing Press
Non woven fabric CI Flexo Printing Press
Woven Bag CI Flexo Printing Machine
CI Flexo Press

A. Description

1.1Unwinding unit and rewinding unit • automatic loading and unloading by hydraulic 
    • Magnetic powder as brake, motor as clutch

2.Auto web guiding
    • Splicing table
    • Detection mode: edge checking
    • Precision: ±0.1mm

3.Feeding system
    • Rubber rollers for feeding

4.Printing unit        4 units
    • Helical gear
    • Ceramic anilox roller: one set (4 pcs)
    • Printing cylinder: one set (4 pcs)
    • Ceramic anilox roller: LPI depends on buyer
    • Printing cylinder: repeat depends on buyer
    • Single side doctor blade
    • Ink case      
    • Gear:cp1/8

5.Drying system
    • IR 

6.Auto stopping function

7.Meter counter

8.Simple plate mounter 

Technical parameter
Max unwinding diameter 1200mm
Printing repeat 250mm-580mm (79T – 182T)
Max width 950mm
Max printing width 950mm
Power supply 380V 3PH 50Hz
Total power 30KW
Machine speed 0-80m/min
Printing plate thickness 1.7mm
Double glue tap thickness 0.38mm
Printing precision ±0.15mm
Air shaft diameter 3inches





Mechanical details

Unwinding part with 20kg magnetic powder brake

Automatic tension control system on unwinding and rewinding part

Mechanical details

Mechanical details

Auto web guiding system with splicing table

Printing part with ink roller, ceramic anilox roller, printing roller, and support roller

Mechanical details

Mechanical details

Main control panel with temperature controller, length counter and speedcontroller

Rewinding part with separate motor 7.5kw and separate inverter as clutch

Mechanical details

Mechanical details

Electic part

Mechanical details

Washing mode after job is finished

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