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How Many Parts Does Flexo Printing Machine Consist of?

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The development of flexographic printing machines has promoted the progress of the packaging industry, providing products with a variety of designs and logos. Whether it is cartons, paper bags or plastic bags, flexo printing machines can efficiently complete printing tasks and provide high-quality printing results.


What are the components of a flexo press?


1. The part that holds the paper roll

Paper or other printing materials are loaded into the machine in rolls.


2. Printing unit

Including components such as ink wheels, flexographic plates and impression rollers, which are responsible for transferring ink to the printed material.


3. Boot the system

Ensures the printed material maintains correct positioning and tension during the printing process.


4. Drying system

For quick drying of ink on printed materials.


5. Cutting, Trimming and Stacking Sections

Cut, cut and stack printed materials for subsequent packaging and distribution.



Flexo Printing Machine can realize multi-color printing, and can also perform special effect processing, such as hot stamping, embossed printing, etc.

Flexo Printing Machine is widely used in the packaging industry, providing products with a variety of designs and logos.

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