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How Many Types of Flexo Printing Machines are There?

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There are six types of flexo printing machines commonly used in the printing industry.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Flexo Printing Machines

The following is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of flexo printing machines:


1. Center Press (CI) Flexo Printing Machine

Pros: It has highly stable printing quality and is suitable for long printing operations; it can achieve high printing speed; it is suitable for printing large-area squeeze marks and solid color blocks.

Cons: It takes a long time to install and adjust the printing plate; printing density and color control may be difficult.


2. Stacking flexo printing machine

Pros: Each stacking unit can be set up and operated independently, with high flexibility; suitable for multi-color printing and special effects; changes in printing needs can be achieved by adding or deleting stacking units.

Cons: Large floor space; high requirements for tension adjustment and alignment control during the printing process.


3. Inline flexo printing machine

Pros: Combining flexo printing with die-cutting, laminating, coating and other processes to achieve a continuous production process; saving time and cost in processing steps; suitable for high printing speed and multi-functional requirements.

Cons: The equipment is complex and maintenance and operation costs are high; the flexo printing part may be limited by other processes.


4. Modular flexo printing machine

Pros: It has interchangeable modules that can be customized according to needs; high flexibility, components such as printing units and drying systems can be added or removed according to different tasks and requirements.

Cons: higher cost; requires certain technical knowledge and experience to operate and adjust.


5. Sleeve type flexo printing machine

Pros: Use a sleeve made of flexible materials to install the printing plate, and replace the printing plate quickly; reducing work preparation time and downtime.

Cons: The quality and accuracy of the sleeve have a certain impact on the printing quality; suitable for relatively small printing sizes.


6. Label flexo printing machine

Pros: Designed specifically for label printing, with special features for handling narrow web stock and achieving high-quality label production.

Cons: only suitable for specific label printing needs, low versatility.

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