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What is a Flexo Graphic Printing Machine?

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Flexo Printing Machine is a printing equipment that uses flexographic plates for printing.


What is a flexographic plate?

Flex plates are made of rubber or plastic and can bend and adapt to different surface shapes.


What are flexographic printing machines mainly used for?

Flexo Printing Machine is mainly used for printing packaging materials, such as cartons, paper bags, plastic bags, etc.


How does a flexographic printing machine work?

The working principle of Flexo Printing Machine is to transfer ink to the flexographic plate through the ink wheel, and then the flexographic plate transfers the ink to the printing material.

This printing method is fast, efficient and flexible.


In conclusion

Flexo printing machines play an important role in the printing industry with their high efficiency and flexibility.

Flexographic printing machines use flexographic plates to transfer ink, which can adapt to various surface shapes and are especially suitable for printing packaging materials.

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