Principle of Roll Die Punching Machine

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Principle of punching machine

    The punching machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that is driven by the power mechanism after the raw material is installed, and the punching die acts on the material to complete the punching. Punching can process thin sheets, stamping, molding, embossing and other operations that force metal into the mold.

Principle Of Roll Die Punching Machine


Punching machines are generally classified into the following two parts:
1. Working part (upper and lower die, machine tools)
2. Power part (hydraulic pump or manual)
If it is a hydraulic punching machine, it also contains a working oil cylinder, and a pneumatic punching machine contains a cylinder.

working principle

    The working principle of the punching machine is that after the raw material is installed on the work tool platform, driven by the power mechanism (manual drive or hydraulic drive), the punching die acts on the material to complete the punching operation.


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