Roll Die Cutting Machine inline Flexo Printer

Roll Die Cutting Machine inline Flexo Printer
Roll Die Cutting Machine inline Flexo Printer
Roll Die Cutting Machine inline Flexo Printer


Automatic roll die cutting machine inline flexo printer based on international advanced technology, it’s widely used in paper cup, paper bowl and paper plate and other paper products. It adopts micro-computer, human-computer control interface, servo positioning, alternating current frequency converter, photoelectric correcting deviation system, centralized oil lubrication, inline flexo printing.


  1. 1. Adopt the anilox roller to spread ink.
  2. 2. Unwinding tension is controlled by automatic tension controller from Japan Mitsubishi.
  3. 3. Each printing unit adopt 360°for registration.
  4. 4. Each printing unit have one IR dryer
  5. 5. The rubber roller can break away automatically while parking, and run at a low speed in order to avoid ink being dry.
  6. 6. The main motor is adopted the import stepless regulation of frequency conversion.
  7. 7. Web guiding,printing, IR drying and punching can be finished in one process


Model 970
Max Paper Width 950mm
Cutting Precision ±0.20mm
Paper Gram Weight 120-400g/㎡
Production Capacity 100-180times/min
Air Pressure Requirement 0.6Mpa
Air Pressure Consumption 0.25m³/min
Max Roller Diameter 1600mm
Flexo Print Units (IR dryer) 2 - 6 Colors
Web Guiding 1
Printing Repeat Length 10” - 22.5”
Gear Pitch 1/8” (3.175mm)

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